Headquartered in Dallas, Texas,, USA, Texas Instruments Incorporated is the world leader in digital signal processing and analog technologies, the semiconductor engines of the Internet age. TI has established its branches, plants or offices in more than 30 countries. There are several divisions under TI: (1) Semiconductors Division. 83 % of the net revenues are from semiconductors. The main procucts of this department include: DSP solutions, microcontrollers, and ASIC; (2) Educational Products Division. TI has currently leading position in portable education technology; (3) Materials and Controls Division. ... MORE
         Altera Corporation, founded in 1983 and headquatered in California, USA, is a leading company in design, manufacturing and marketing of high-value & high-density PLDs and corresponding development tools. Since its inception, Altera has maintained a leading position in its industry: Altera developed the first reprogrammable logic device (PLD) in the world, first of its EP300 series, in 1984, and became the first supplier for PLD, and Altera also developed first development tool based on PC in the world. Currently, ... MORE
         Atmel Corporation, founded in 1984, is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of advanced semiconductors, including advanced logic, nonvolatile memory, mixed signal and RF integrated circuits. Atmel is one of the elite new companies capable of integrating dense nonvolatile memory, logic and analog functions on a single chip. Atmel chips are manufactured using the most advanced wafer processes, ... MORE
         AMD is a global supplier for IC used in computers and communication with its products of microprocessors, flash memory devices, programmable logic devices and other communications and network application products. AMD established in 1969 with its headquarters located in California. AMD is now the world's second largest suppliers of PC microprocessors, compatible for Microsoft Windows softwares. ... MORE
         Philips Semiconductors, with over 40 years history of producting semiconductors, currently, has a leading position in five major markets: (1) Consumer electronic products: TV ICs, digital STBs, bluetooth chips, optical storage DVDs; (2) Communication: wireless/RF, LCD dirvers, wireless baseband products, battary management; (3) PC/PC peripherals: monitor deflection IC, connection products, optical storage products; (4) Automobile electronics : car audio equipments, mobile networks, ... MORE
         Maxim Integrated Products was established in 1983 with its Corporate Headquarter in California. Maxim is a worldwide leader in the design, development, and manufacture of the analog, mixed-signal, high-frequency, and digital circuits. Net revenues were $0.6B for the year ended June 26, 1999. Maxim employees more than 3,000 people in the U.S. headquarter and branches around the world. Maxim has released more than 1,780 kinds of analog integrated circuit products in the industry-leading level. 1480 kinds of these products were invented by the Company's design engineers. ... MORE
         Cypress Semiconductor Corporation produces high-performance IC products for data transmission, remote communications, PC and military systems. Founded in 1982 and headquartered in San Jose,CA,USA, it has become a global corporation with 3000 employees, and a marketing network around the wourld. Its production bases includes: (1) a plant and a R&D base in San Jose city, CA, USA; (2) a plant in Round Rock, DX, USA. It was established in 1986 for producing SRAM; (3) Cypress Semiconductor Philippines Inc.(CSPI). Estabaished in 1986, it is a assembly and test plant. In addition, there was a similar factory in Indonesia. ... MORE
         Xilinx is a full suppliers of programmable logic products, and it offers products and services including semiconductor IC, software development tools, customized systems and technical supports. It was founded in 1984, and headquartered in the San Jose City,CA,USA. With invent of field programmable gate array (FPGA), its products meets more than half of the current demands for such devices, applied for PC, peripherals, ... MORE
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