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Job invitation: IC Sales Representative in Overseas Trade Department

Job description
1¡¢Responsible for overseas market exploitation and sales of the electronic products of the company;
2¡¢Contact overseas clients and build permanent relationship with them.

Job requirements£º
1¡¢Honest and faithful, rough time endurable, aspiring and enterprising, with good occupation moral;
2¡¢Graduated from junior college or better, skillful in computer operation, with excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability;
3¡¢With good market estimation and exploitation ability, those who have some overseas client resource and more than 2 years experiences relating to IC sales are preferred;
4¡¢With high zealousness in work, good team cooperation spirit, work stress and challenge endurable.

Please send your resume to president@, if you have the intention. Welcome your joining in, and please create career brilliance together with us. We can provide competitive salary.

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