SDES LIMITED was founded in 2001. A world-class provider of active and passive semiconductors, embedded technology products, hard drives and LCD displays.Our company specializes in the sourcing and supply of obsolete and currently available electronic components. With over 15years of market expericence servicing our end-users.
SDES LIMITED is a professional electronic distributor. Major Parts and Manufactures like XILINX ALTERA AD,TI,ATMEL, CYPRESS, MICROCHIP, SAMSUNG, MICRON, ELPIDA, NANYA , etc. Two warehouses in Shenzhen and one in Beijing enable us to ensure ample supply and prompt delivery. We have grown quickly and build a reputation for excellent quality, reasonable price, outstanding service and business excellence.

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All certified enterprises in the integration of the management system has reached the international standard, indicating that the enterprise can continue to provide customers with stable expectations and satisfaction of qualified products. The consumer's point of view, the customer, to meet customer demand, to achieve customer satisfaction, did not induce the consumer.

Standard custom agencies in the world's most influential, more than 50 global, industry and trade organizations, and the U.S. Federal Government recognize, recommend or require the use of the coding system.

An PT580 detected center
Customer's perspective, in order to ensure that customers receive the product to meet customer requirements to meet the requirements of end customers, to achieve customer satisfaction. Purchase of visual inspection, internal investigation, the program detects environmental evaluation, dimensional measurements, again a vacuum processing apparatus, professional and technical personnel, the establishment of the PT580 testing center. In the strict management of suppliers based on the reinforcement of Quality Supervision, Inspection link.

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2SJ327-Z-E1-AZ 1381 NEC 06+ TO-252
GD32F107RCT6 500 GD 15+ QFP
AD7417ARZ 1000 ADI 1330+ SMD
TMS320F243PGEA 250 TI 08+ QFP
MNA-6+ 1500 MINI-CIRC 0532+ LLP
UPS161 3088 AU 09+ TQFP80
XR2206D-F 1500 EXAR 0926+ SOP-16
5SDA09P1713 25 ABB 10+ module
    Our Characteristic Services
  • we promise all the products are original goods, all shipments have QC to eliminate confusion in delivery, provide well-known international products and purchasing agent, and all unrestricted products provide with COC and 120 days warranty.
  • Assist our customers to quote BOM LIST, purchasing and shipping.
  • Provide PCB and PCBA services.
  • Provide programming¡¢blank check¡¢clear program service.
  • Provide purchasing agent, freight support.
  • Support to pay by escrow.
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